Live Mapping™
Take advantage of LaserLock’s pinpont technology to identifiy damage you can see – but primary and secondary
damage you can’t see – helping your techs develop more efficient repair plans, eliminating comebacks and helping you find and
get paid for hidden damage

Other features and
  • LaserLock™ measures more reference points than any other system, and measures all frame types including full-frame and uni-body.
  • LaserLock™ is the only computerized measuring system that can accurately measure engine cradles, cowl hits and A, B or C pillars.
  • New LaserLock™ scanner leveling technology allows the system to be moved from a 2 post lift for blueprinting to a frame rack for structural repair in minutes without complicated set up.
  • LaserLock™ can measure the entire vehicle at the same time, allowing you to repair vehicles with diamond or twist damage, as well as frames with both front and rear damage
  • LaserLock™ can be left in place during repairs to monitor dimensional changes AS THEY OCCUR for faster, higher-quality repairs. No need to recalibrate after every pull.
Chief LaserLock Brochure